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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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20 November, 2019. Voronezh

Itay Barda

I ordered flowers on for my special beautiful girl friend. Placing the order on the website was very easy. The price was fair and the delivery fee was low. The staff was very friendly and I really like that they sent me a picture of the flowers before delivering it. It came to her door and she like it very much. Money well spent.

Graceful Wedding Bouquet
Graceful Wedding Bouquet
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18 November, 2019. Moscow


Not a single problem 👍

Fountain of Colour
Fountain of Colour
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11 November, 2019. Irkutsk


Excellent service and honesty in appointments and quick service👍

Turkish Rose
Turkish Rose
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11 November, 2019. Voronezh


Everything was perfect. I had a few mistakes but they've corrected it after my order.. The delivery was absolutely on time and the flover was exactly the same which ı've ordered. Thank you so much...

11 November, 2019. Omsk

Ahmed Zaki


10 November, 2019. Moscow

Kjartan Gudmundsson

Absolutely satisfied with my order, easy to order and fast delivery ! I highly recommend megaflowers and will definitely use again

08 November, 2019. Volgograd

Ajish J

Awesome work.

30 October, 2019. Saratov

Yury Shimansky

The white roses I ordered for my wife were delivered on time and looked fresh and beautiful - great job!. My wife is very pleased and so am I! Thanks a lot again!

White Foam
White Foam
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16 October, 2019. Moscow

Anna and Peter

Almost perfect - Not sure if this was a font used or if someone that could not write wrote my greetings into a B'day card - BUT it was horrible - it look like a 3 year old have written the card - HUGE mistake - this was going from adult to an adult - and this type of writing/font was completely inappropriate. IF YOU do want to play with fonts on card at minimum ASK sender to pick - OR default it to STANDARD font for a specific language ( in ASC II ) Arial is nice ... or even script if you want something other the a type.

17 October, 2019
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
Dear Mr. Balinski,Thank you for your review on our website. First of all, we are so sorry for that sad situation with the postcard. Quality Control Department checked all the situation and informed about a courier’s negligence. We had a serious conversation with that person and with all Courier Service in common. We kindly ask you not to be so strict and give us one more chance in future to get your orders around Russia. Also we kindly ask you to accept our bonus as the apology for such terrible situation which you can use in future order. Sincerely yours,Megaflowers Company

08 October, 2019. Kazan


Beautiful Bouquet. Great communication about delivery when it's difficult in terms of time/place.

03 October, 2019. Tula


A beautiful bouquet delivered on time! I was slightly worried about whether there were an even number of flowers (they were for a funeral) but the recipients loved them. It’s great that I was able to send flowers from the UK to Russia like this :) Thank you!

01 October, 2019. Chelyabinsk

Kafkas Kankılıc

Thank you for your kind service.I will be happy to have your service next time, I will definitely recommend.

Kafkas Kankılıc

29 September, 2019. Novomoskovsk


Fantastic service ,everything was on time buy my order I’m long time costumer I’m very happy with this company very responsible ,very carrying thank you very match for your greate service.

26 September, 2019. Moscow

Refik Yasin Aktaş

Great work. Thank you

Gipsy Aza
Gipsy Aza
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25 September, 2019. Yuzhnouralsk


Smile of a woman - the best recommendation. Thank you for providing beautiful flowers!

23 September, 2019. Izhevsk


Thank you for your quick service.

22 September, 2019. Moscow

Justin Smith

Really huge shoutout to megaflowers. I’m really suprized of the whole experience. Everything was transparent from the beginning to the delivery - really nice email notifications. Really comfortable, simple and trustworthy process. The really kind and professional service chat helped me with every question I had. I will choose this company again - thank you.

Justin Smith

10 September, 2019. Pyatigorsk

Ahmad Baker

Perfect service

Ice and Flames
Ice and Flames
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09 September, 2019. Sochi


Perfect and punctual

02 September, 2019. Bryansk


Thank you so much, everything was okay about the delivery